Lovers Vanished

Lovers Vanished [2010] DVDrip K-Movie [Hard-Subbed]

"Su-in, an ex top-chef, accused of murdering his own wife, gets AIDS virus intentionally by putting Sang-byung, the prison mate’s blood into his body in order to get out of the prison to prove his innocence. But as he meets his wife’s lover, he confesses his crime and jumps from the cliff making Su-in lost and hopeless. With nowhere to turn to, Su-in visits café Le Luth run by mysterious but beautiful Mia. Mia was Sang-byung’s girlfriend but she shot his boyfriend when she witnessed their love affair. Felt guilty, Sang-byung turned himself into the police. Since then, Mia completely closed her mind towards outside. Su-in starts working at Mia’s café hiding how he found her and they get to close to each other as Su-in teaches how to cook and Mia shows magic taught from Sang-byung. However, their peaceful days don’t last long as police appear to arrest Su-in"..

Sebuah citer baru dari Korea.. Genre: Drama / Romance ... Dikongsikan oleh Jie Azz .. Utk maklumat lanjut, klik INFO.. Sila join menggunakan hj split atau 7zip sebelum play.. ~SELAMAT MENONTON~


Lovers Vanished [2010] Part 1 [Mediafire]

Lovers Vanished [2010] Part 2 [Mediafire]

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  1. Alex21 says:

    I've looked for it on in better quality. Korean movies are boring as for me, but it has good for me..

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